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Hi there. Thanks for clicking on my post.

I’m a Dutch student (17 yo) planning on starting my journey as an entrepreneur.

I want to start my website to sell Dutch goods in foreign markets (starting with Germany). I hope to learn a lot about E-commerce and logistics. Because shipping from the NL to Germany would not be cost-effective (min. 10 euro shipping cost) and I also need to learn a lot I would like to start with a partner.

I would mostly need your help with logistics, customer relationships & help with running the website. I hope someone is interested.

I’m looking for someone who’s:

– motivated and willing to invest time & effort.

– reliable

– fluent in German / good at English (so we can communicate)

– Living in Germany with a good connection.

– around the same age as me (around 17)

– (a student of an economic study is preferred)

The profit split (around 50%) and any possible (this is optional) investments from your side are negotiable

If you have any more questions, or if you’ve decided you want to start a business with me. Please feel free to DM me on Reddit. My preferred way of communication is per phone or Discord. I’ll give you my contact info if we decide to work together.

Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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