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I run a small shop with my sister, offering custom portraits.

We have generated a steady (low) level of sales mainly through posting in relevant forums & instagram. Our only form of paid traffic has been from Meta Ads, the conversion rate has been terrible. Naturally, we are testing different creatives/formats and audiences. I’m looking to start a google ad campaign but just wanted some thoughts on our website/product pages before doing so. Ideally we would like all product images to be UGC, you will see we have started this process with our footballer canvas and will continue this going forward

As we are fairly new we have a low social following and I refuse to buy fake followers. I would rather spend time building a relevant engaging audience. I do worry that this is having an impact on our sales as there is not enough social proof.

Please feel free to roast the website/products. We’re very much at the start of our journey, any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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